Between vineyard and winery, salami with Señorio de Somalo´s wine


Between vineyard and winery, salami with Señorio de Somalo´s wine

The small town riojalteña distributed 5,000 sandwiches on a successful sixth edition of the Festival Sausage.

This is an invitation for a walk on Sunday. Mount in your car. Out of which come out. Put towards Nájera. Soon they begin to glimpse the wonderful landscape of vineyards and hills cut. It’s the first weekend of October. Grapes, and beautiful, waiting to be collected.

Change of direction towards Baños del Rio Tobia. The views no longer admirable. Big trees shelter from the sun on the road at times, while other broad meadows are the stars. In the distance, there are even sheep.
Spend Bobadilla. Turn right. They have come to Matute. You will be amazed that Civil Protection agents invite you to park your vehicle in a wide esplanade. Then have two options: move towards a nice walk or riding on a ‘minibus’ that will take them to their final destination.
That is none other than the town square. From a small town with 140 registered inhabitants, although in winter only sleep there thirty or forty, most retirees. But yesterday was a special day. It smells deliciously. Sausage Festival was held.
Is an initiative that was launched six years ago with the sole intention to try their luck, «offering a product that is not offered anywhere, virtually the only product in the village,» explains Sunday Cerezo, president of the association Picayo, which organizes the event.
The atmosphere reminds you can have the square a summer day period in which the houses are occupied by up to 500 or 600 people. Even better. The idea is to «attract people to Matute to know and return the rest of the year.» It Works.
Wine Lordship Somalo
Last year 4,500 sausage sandwiches were distributed. Yesterday, rations, 2.5 euros, reached 5,000. Helped pass the wine donated by Lordship Somalo. All this was made possible by the collaboration of 50 local volunteers, mostly young.
Early risers enjoyed a march of about three hours around town. Others came directly to account for the 400 kilos of sausage, decorated by music and tempted by the stalls of crafts, basketry or sausages. Every year people come from far away, some even repeated. «Seeing the surrounding countryside, stay,» explains proudly Cerezo.Not for less.
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